Ancient Grains Bread Flour


“Ancient Grains” refers to a group of cereal grains that have been in existence for a very long time (in some cases, thousands of years), and whose growing process has never been modified or altered. Barley - a heart-healthy food, high in soluble fiber - and Spelt - known for its soft texture, nutty flavor, and golden color, are two such “ancient” grains. Here, we blend them with our Hard Red Wheat bread flour to produce a stone-milled, high-extraction, high-gluten, bread flour with a little something extra. 

Grains: Hard Red Winter and Spring Wheat, Organic Barley, Organic Spelt

Protein: 13.4%

Source: Seneca Grain & Bean, Penn Yan, NY and Buck Farm, Mapleton, ME

Ways to Use Ancient Grains Bread Flour: Breads, Pizza, Bagels, Pretzels

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