Developing A Local Grain Economy in the Northeast

This value drives every decision we make because grains play a crtical role in our daily diet and overall health. Depending on where they are grown, grains do not have to be treated like a commodity and can play a rsupporting ole in keeping small to medium sized farms viable in the Northeast. For over 13 years Ground Up and Valley Malt initiated a demand for local grains with brewers and bakers and have steadily grown a market for over 1200 acres of winter grains which serve a cover crop and provide a fair share for farmers.

Making Food Locally Is Not Enough

We must also strive for sustainablly and reduce the environmental impact of our process and production. From using only compostable packaging, donating waste bran and rootlets to nearby farms, delivering in an electric van, and operating in the City of Holyoke that supplies hydroelectric power, we are trying to approach sustainability in every way possible.

Community Health & Economic Justice

We provide well paying jobs to our staff and partner with organizations such as Viability to employ individuals that may have difficulty in finding work due to a abilism attitudes in our world and capalist culture. In December of each year a percentage of online sales are donated to World Central Kitchen to provide emergency food to those living inside warzones.