Bakers Who Use Ground Up Flour

Boston, MA
Wakefield, RI
Hopkinton, MA
Beverly, MA
Arlington, MA
Lexington, MA
Milford, MA
Brookline, MA
Westport, CT
Antrim, NH
Somerville, MA
Northampton, MA
Brighton, MA
Greenfield, MA
Milton, MA

Bagel Guild

Boston, MA

We stumbled onto Ground Up when there was a flour shortage at the beginning of the pandemic. We love the flavor and the fact that it's freshly milled for us from locally sourced wheat.


Spring 2020, officially licensed in Winter of 2021

We were inspired by all the free time we had when we got laid off at the beginning of the pandemic and the dearth of freshly baked bagels in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville relative to the demand.

Our bagels are 100% sourdough!

Belmont Market

Wakefield, RI

Happy to support local and it has a unique flavor/texture.

We use ground up in all our house scratch breads! Our ancient grain seeded and plain pan loaves in particular are a customer favorite and highlight Ground Up's distinctive blend of ancient grains.

The bread department was started in 2019. Belmont is 75 years old.

I love working with my hands and I love baking!

New items coming soon!

BirchTree Bread Company

Worcester, MA

We started our businesses with the goal of using as many local products as possible. Our bread and other baked goods are at the heart of our whole menu, so using Ground Up was an obvious choice to help us provide a local and delicious selection of breads!

Our local wheat loaf is very popular and uses Ground Up flour. Our customers appreciate the care, skill, and knowledge that goes into our products - and they realize that this begins before we even have our ingredients in house.


Baking and cooking have always been very important to me. Being able to create delicious products and spread happiness and comfort through that food feels like the most important job in the world.

We pride ourselves on quality and taste. It is important that we are creating a product that is memorable for our customers. We really appreciate our relationship with Ground Up and love the loaves that we are able to produce with their high-quality products!

Blue Square Pizza

Hopkinton, MA

I wanted to source local and add a subtlety of flavor to my pizza that would further differentiate my product from competitors.

I love making pizza with it because it adds a subtlety of flavor to my crust. I use it as a 15% blend with my lower extraction flour and it creates a perfect balance of flavor.


I wanted to create an elevated sourdough pizza that could be celebrated on different styles of pizza. At Blue Square Pizza, we have four distinct styles of pizza all made with our carefully leavened sourdough.

We've won a number of accolades in our first year. We were crowned pizzeria startup of the year by Pizza Today in 2023; awarded Top use of Technology by Pizza Today and made the 35 Pizzerias to watch list by Pizza Today. We also won Best Pizza in Metro West's Quest for the Best contest.

Bonny Breads

Beverly, MA

It's aromatic, skillfully milled, creates a very nicely textured product, enhances the flavors in our breads and just is amazing all around!

Sourdough bread! It is a complete game changer!


We love to eat the freshest food possible--using freshly milled grains is essential to all of our breads!

We love our local food partners and are so thankful to get to be a part of such a great network of beautiful food and grains grown locally!

Breadboard Bakery

Arlington, MA

Ground Up flour is fresh, regionally-grown, and it's really consistent in mixing quality. It adds a little je ne sais qois to our products.

We love using Ground Up flour to make our sourdough loaves because they benefit from the oils and nutritional value of the germ, and it's just got more flavor than just straight white flour. Happy, active sourdough yields better loaves, inside and out.

November 2019

I started this bakery to have decisions on what products were made and to do it on my own schedule! And to showcase local ingredients in bakery products.

We love bread!

Bread Obsession

Lexington, MA

We use Ground Up whole wheat flour in our Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread and in our Multigrain Sunflower. Industrially produced whole wheat flour has a bitter taste, while the taste of the Ground Up whole wheat is deliciously fresh and wholesome. The difference can't just be talked about. You have to taste it to understand the difference.

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread and in our Multigrain Sunflower. These are the only breads that we make that contain whole wheat flour.


The love of good bread

We are all about the quality of bread. That's why we use Ground Up whole wheat.

B. Food

Milford, MA

For its local first approach and the great results/taste with the products.

Bread, it has great results and flavor.

June 2019

Love of the craft, and being a positive change within the Industry for our employees and the product we serve.

S&R Bakery is located in Milton MA. But you can find our products in Farmer's Markets in an around Boston throughout the year. Presently we are at the Hingham Farmer's Market every Saturday.

Clear Flour Bread

Brookline, MA

We love having local grains to use in our breads.

It truly shines in our breads & when we incorporate it into our pastries there is a depth of flavor that is unparalleled.

Established 1982, we took over in 2017

I've been baking professionally since I was 16 years old, so it's engrained in me at this point. The joy of making something, and transferring that joy to someone eating it, is what motivates me. The connection that food has both generationally and internationally. Connection through food is the highlight of my life.

We love our farmers & hope to encourage others to shop local & highlight the quality difference between fresh flour and...the other guys.

Eight Mile Meadow Bread and Pasta

Deep River, CT

I think great bread starts with great grains, and I love that Ground Up Grain mills locally grown grains. I think we all have a responsibility to be good stewards of the land we inhabit, and keeping things local is one important step in our commitment to doing that.

Really any kind of bread has a more complex flavor with Ground Up flours. We are proud to also use Ground Up in our cookies, brownies and scones for that little something special.

March, 2020

I love good bread and I love fresh pasta, and when the opportunity presented itself to combine both in one business, I took it! I had worked at other local bakeries, and knew that one day I'd like to be my own boss and have more creative control.

We strive to include local fruits and veggies in all of our products. We love to support local farmers! Everything is made fresh and by hand, and our use of the freshest milled flours really makes a difference.

Fatto a Mano: Artisanal Italian Micro-Bakery

Westport, CT

I believe that it’s essential for an artisan to support local businesses. I consider Ground Up my favorite and reliable local mill.

I love the quality of the wheat Ground Up offers. You can tell that the wheat is freshly grounded. The smell of the wheat and the flavor that it carries into the finished product is exactly what I want my customers to experience. I also appreciate their great customer service.

Fatto a Mano bakery began selling the first small batches of artisanal bread on March 2021.

As an Italian immigrant, I am constantly looking for good food. Since I was a child I always loved food. The unique smell of fresh bread is something I always associate to my childhood. I just wanted to share my passion for food here.

We offer baking classes using Ground Up grains. We are also hiring apprentices bakers as our artisanal bakery is grownups radically!

Flag Leaf Bakery

Antrim, NH

I love working with fresh stone ground flour. To me it looks, smells, tastes and ferments like a dynamic living ingrediant as opposed to something dead which has had all the goodness rolled and sifted out of it. Additionally, working with North East mills and farmers is very important to us, we love to see and support local grain agriculture and feel lucky that we have access to such nice products as our bread wouldn't be the same without it.

I love using Ground Up flour in our naturally leavened hearth loaves. The flavor of the grain really shines in bread that feature a higher percentage of whole grain flour, our 100% wholegrain rye is a great example of this.

August 2022

We love baking and after having done so professionally for quite a while at other people's bakeries we wanted to take a crack at starting our own.

We are a small bakery and keep limited hours, be sure to check our Instagram for menus and schedule changes.

Forge Baking Company

Somerville, MA

We love working with local partners who share the similar commitment to quality and small batch food!

My current favorite item to make using Ground Up Flour is pie or hand pies. The addition of some whole wheat flour in the pie dough enhances the flavor and texture!


We opened Forge as a scratch bakery to improve the quality of products that we served at our sister shops. We also love the opportunity to have creative license on ALL of our products.

We are proud to be local owners and one of the first Union run shops in Massachusetts.

Hungry Ghost Bread

Northampton, MA

Ground up is great high quality flour. We enjoy and sometimes need to speak with the miller. We are contributing to a local and regional economy.

All of our whole wheat and rye bread as well as some of our pastries such as buttermilk biscuits are made with Ground Up flour.

April 10, 2004

Hungry Ghost Bread started as a kind of CSA where people bought "bread subscriptions" Wanting more community interaction and engagement we decided to open a retail shop.

20 Years ago when Hungry Ghost Bread first opened local flour was something we tried to source. After all New England was said to be the bread basket of the colonies. It was no easy task but Andrea and Christian made it happen. Kudos to the Ground Up for making the idea of local wheat a reality.

Picco Pizza & Ice Cream

Boston, MA

I feel good about supporting local agriculture.

Bread. Its where the flavor of the local fresh wheat really shines.


I've been working in restaurants for over 25 years. I started at this restaurant in 2008 as the Sous Chef under the executive chef /owner. In 2019, the General Manager and I purchased the business. We have a passion for hard work and making people smile. Working with my hands in the kitchen is where I'm most comfortable.

Everything is from Scratch.

Pizza Project

Brighton, MA

We use Ground Up flour for a couple of reasons; when we started we knew we wanted to use stone milled flour to enhance flavor in our dough and we also wanted to help contribute to a local grain economy.

We use this dough for both our mobile wood fired pizzas and our Sicilian pan pies at our shop. While both are good I think that the Sicilian really shines with use of the flour because it's thicker and you can really get a lot of dough flavor.


We were inspired to start Pizza Project because we wanted to bring people a pizza option that was thoughtful all the way through. Using methods like natural fermentation for better digestion and focusing on quality ingredients has allowed to continually learn and keep developing our product. It never gets boring!

Rise Above Bakery

Greenfield, MA

Ground Up flour has always served us well in creating wonderful bread, croissant, muffins, cookies, bagels... the list goes on. We do our best to source locally, using Ground Up flour means supporting regional growers and local millers; and Ground Up delivers in a groovy electric van!

The obvious answer would be all of our sourdough loaves, made with 100% Ground Up flour (from our niche, where the flavor of wheat really shines, to our pain de campagne with the nutty hint of spelt, to our sprouted rye, which has in house sprouted whole rye berries from Ground Up!). That said, while it is not a product per se, our rye starter survives off of a steady diet of Ground Up's Danko Rye and leavens all of our sourdough loaves.

May, 2019

I started dreaming of owning a bakery in my late teens/early 20s, in a nebulous sort of way. By the time I was going to culinary school I was sure that that was what I wanted to do. I knew that before opening my own place, I wanted to work for other bakeries and learn different perspectives on the craft but having my own place was always my end goal. As I got older, I had the feeling that it was now or never. I wanted to have a bakery where I could do what I felt was right: bringing good quality, creative food to Greenfield, while supporting other businesses in our community, like Ground Up and the local farms who supply us with fruits, veggies, eggs, dairy, and meat.

Everything is from Scratch.

Steel & Rye Bakery

Milton, MA

The restaurant has a focus on using local suppliers and quality products. Stone ground Freshly milled flour that is of good quality and is consistent is very hard to find. When I interviewed for the Head Baker Position in June 2021, Brendan could not stop singing the praises of Ground Up Flour. During my working interview I got to use it for the first time and was blown away. It was important to me to work somewhere where quality of flour is important and Ground Up Flour is the reason I took this position. Since then working with Ground Up Grain has been such a rewarding experience. One thing that stands out is during the Ground Up Grain event last year I got to meet Thor Oechsner and give him a loaf of sourdough that we make at the bakery, to give the farmer that grows the grain, a loaf of bread made from the milled in the facility was a paradigm altering experience.

We use Ground Up Flour in literally everything we make at the bakery. The sourdough loaf is our signature product which uses both Ground Up Bread and Whole wheat flour. What I am really proud of is our Croissant dough, we use Ground Up Whole White Wheat (Whole Pastry Flour) in our croissants. Using whole wheat in croissants is quite difficult but thanks to our extremely talented Viennoiserie Team and Tyler who is gracious enough to supply us with whole white wheat we are able to make croissants with whole wheat in them. Are they healthier? No, but they taste so much better.

The bakery opened June 2020

Brendan Joy, our Culinary Director, had been baking sourdough for over a decade, improving his recipe and technique over time. He was producing sourdough for both of our restaurants and it was beginning to gain a following. For years Brendan had expressed great interest in building a bakery operation in addition to the restaurants. By 2019 we had begun talking seriously about potential locations. When Covid occurred we had the opportunity to reimagine what Steel & Rye could be. We decided to take the leap and add a bakery counter and a bread oven inside Steel & Rye. The bakery and our team of incredibly talented bakers has steadily grown since!

S&R Bakery is located in Milton MA. But you can find our products in Farmer's Markets in an around Boston throughout the year. Presently we are at the Hingham Farmer's Market every Saturday.

Tandem Bagel Company

Easthampton, Hadley, Northampton, Florence, & West Springfield, MA

I wanted to use locally-sourced and produced flour products for years and we finally have the volume that offsets the added cost in doing so.

All of our bagels use some Ground Up product but my favorite are the whole grain bagels because they require the most different varieties of flour.


I didn't start the bakery but I have worked here since we've opened. I am motivated by seeing our recipes well-executed and the desire to foster a supportive environment for the bakery staff.

We are always looking for more ways to incorporate local ingredients into our bakery products and I'm excited to build even more into our menu in the future.