Organic Barley Flour


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A true superfood, barley is officially recognized by the FDA for its cholesterol-lowering properties thanks to its high soluble fiber content.

Its high magnesium content also helps control blood sugar and insulin levels, aiding in diabetes prevention as well.

We stone-mill and sift hulled barley into a super-soft, silky flour. Low gluten. 

Grain: Organic Barley

Protein: 10%

Source: Seneca Grain and Bean, Penn Yan, NY

Ways to Use Organic Barley Flour: Quickbreads, Muffins, Cookies, Pancakes, Pastas/Noodles, and as an add-in to bread formulas using high-gluten flour. (We like to substitute about 1/3 of the wheat flour in a bread recipe with barley flour).

Try it In: 
Barley Bucatini or Barley Pancakes