All-Purpose Flour


A sifted, stone-milled blend of our bread and pastry flours. Our most versatile flour, that works well across the baking spectrum. 

Grains: Hard Red Winter Wheat, Hard Red Spring Wheat, Soft White Heirloom Wheat

Extraction: 83%

Protein: 11%

Source: Oechsner Farm, Newfield, NY and Buck Farm, Mapleton, ME 

Ways to Use All Purpose Flour: Cookies, Muffins, Rolls, Pie Crusts, Cakes, Pancakes, Waffles, and more

Try It In: 
Asparagus, Scallion, and Cheddar Quiche,  Barley Bucatini, Sunflower Honey Sandwich Bread, or Whole Wheat Date Bread